Saturday, July 16, 2011


Brown Magic Paint Co. Is very proud to announce we will be creating a custom suitcase for the up and coming movie Bettie Page Reveals All!!!!!! This Blog post is dedicated to the process we will be going through in creating such a special item! We are so excited about this and really want to give a big thank you to Mark Mori for all the love & support & amazing opportunity!  We are so excited!!!!!!! Once the case is complete we will be listing her on ebay with 100 percent of the proceeds going straight to the sponsorship of such an amazing project that Bettie Page herself had a hand in! We are excited to say the least!!!! Keep check back~ this blog will be updated regularly! We are still working hard than ever & yes of course still taking orders for all your Brown Magic custom needs! :) 

Con Mucho Amor,

Dottie & Mando
Brown Magic Paint Co

July 18,2011

Hola Everyone! 
Dottie Devine 
Proudly wearing my official Bettie Page t-shirt!
!Feeling so inspired! 

Today was the first day of production on 'Bettie Page Reveals All!' custom suitcase. So the adventure begins! Myself and Mando sat down brain stormed our ideas on what wanted to create! But first things first!!!!  We had to decide what kind of suitcase we were going to be using on this very special project!  Believe it or not, there are many different suitcase styles & shapes. All unique and carry their very own personalities. For me, I'm very partial to 1940s suitcases!!! They are so square/boxy oh so very 'Film Noir'. I'm in luck because Mando is also a fan of square suitcases. For him, the shape allows for much breathing room when painting, lettering, pin striping and designing! So square shape it was! I love when things go my way! I am a woman after all! So our next step was to find the perfect square shaped suitcase in our inventory! Yes we have an actual inventory room. Which consist of very very very many suit/train/makeup/carry-on cases of all styles and from all eras! It was 10 minutes before we found our gem! A beautiful boxy square suitcase from the early 1950s! The inside was lined in beautiful satin blue. We ripped it out as we are going to reupholster the inside: Bettie style! 
Miss Page~ As we affectionately call this suitcase has some impressive measurements! 
            * 21 inches Length 
*14.5 Height
  *7 inches deep  

So off we started on Miss Page! For those who are not familiar with the process & techniques that Brown Magic Paint Co. takes in creating our custom cases you will soon find out! As we will be documenting all we are doing on this blog! 

Step 1
This is a very important & critical first step we ALWAYS take!!!! We want to lay a strong foundation for what is to be built!


Step 2
A fine bright metallic silver base paint is professionally & evenly sprayed on the entire case!  This process is very important! As to continue to lay a strong & lasting foundation of what is to come! I am so excited to say I helped in this process! Mando has been mentoring me for some time now~on all matters of paint! Which makes me happy because Mando studied & mentored under the one and only Roman Gomez of 
'Romans Exotic Customs '
From Las Vegas, Nevada!   

!Ta-da! Miss Page in all her shiny & silver glory!!!! I am excited to update you on the process as we continue! Keep check back very soon!!! 

Thank you all for the love & support! 
We are so happy & blessed to be apart of something so special! 

Con Mucho Amor, 

Dottie & Mando 
Brown Magic Paint Co.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bang Bang!

 I am in love with guns and vintage pics of women with guns! So hear ya go!

Con Mucho Amor,

Dottie Devine

Monday, May 23, 2011

I love...Love Is!

I love....Love Is! 
These little naked people seem to always brighten up my days all the time! I also have found some of my best pals happen to love Love Is! I have always collected these via newspaper clippings-Thanks to the lovely Helen who was 93 years old when I first met her! No matter what was going on she always took the time to gently open her newspaper fetch out her Love Is and sweetly ask me to cut it out. Then we would post it on the fridge till the next days! Talk about sweet!!!! I began the same ritual and I loved it so much!!! These days....with all the insanity going on... (Thank You God I love my life!) I do not have the time anymore to cut them out but at least I can enjoy them online! Special shout out to my friend Cydni on Facebook she posts regularly and that of course always brings a smile to my face! Here are a few of my favorites! We all love them but of course we have our favorites!!! I am a hopeless romantic at heart for always!!!! 
Have you told the one you love today you love them?
Well words are not always needed! Send 'em one of these! Via snail mail or email or facebook posting! Whatever no matter!
Life is too short not to let those you love & adore not know it! 

Con Mucho Amor,

Dottie Devine 

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